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Are you struggling with a decorating dilemma and in need of a second opinion?

Book in for a consultation for Chloé to look at your space and give her advice on making the very best of your home.


What's Included?

Home Visit

The hour is yours to discuss one to two rooms that you need some help with. 


Advice on layout, colour schemes, renovations or just that something you feel is missing to make you truly love your space.


In persons services are available across Suffolk & London. If you are further afield and would like a home visit contact Chloé to discuss.

Follow Up Recomendations

Following your consultation Chloé will follow up via email with her advice and recommendations for the items discussed. 

If required full details of additional services will be included.

The Process



To get the most from your consultation do send any photographs, ideas or plans to once your appointment has been scheduled.


Your Consultation

The hour is yours to discuss the areas of your choice. Chloé will look at your space and ask questions to understand the needs of your family and your home. 


Follow Up

Following the consultation an email will be sent with the details and recommendations that have been discussed, ready for you to go ahead with your project.

What To Expect?

Thinking of inviting me into your home but not sure what to expect? 


Well hello I’m Chloé! I’m very relaxed and friendly. I laugh a lot, admittedly it's a bit of a cackle. I wear bright orange lipstick and I drink my coffee black. I take my shoes off at the door - I lived in Asia after all. You don't need to worry about how your home looks right now, that's what I'm here to help with. I want to make you feel excited about your home and for you to truly enjoy the space you have.


Want to have a chat first?  Pop me a message on 07590 316 498 and we can arrange a call to see if we are the right fit.

Moodboard & product boards

Floorplans, 2D & 3D visuals

Furniture & accessory sourcing

Flooring & hardware options

Add Ons

 I absolutely love it all! You've given me such a great start and I feel so much more confident getting started.


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