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A Cosy Autumnal Home

Oh hello Autumn my old friend...

The natural world provides a never-ending source of inspiration. Whilst every season has its highlights, here at Batteson Studio none evoke the senses quite so much as the rich Autumn months with the deep intensity of earthy colours that inspire a cosy Autumnal home.

This turning point of the year brings with it so many wonderful possibilities, fashion with its coats, hats and boots just for starters! With seasonal strolls through piles of crunchy leaves on those crisp but sunny days, followed by the Sunday papers, a toasty fire and perhaps a Bloody Mary or two. What’s not to like?!

With a spectrum of fiery deep oranges, rich reds, warm coppers, jewel like berries and intense colours of late flowering dahlias and chrysanthemums. Autumn is visually spectacular, bringing with it a sense of abundance and relaxed indulgence. If you find yourself feeling all the feels for this scrumptious season and want to celebrate by creating your very own take on a cosy autumnal home then read on.

An Autumnal Palette

Regardless of the season, when it comes to decorating our homes, colour plays a key part in our decision making. The colours that you choose will have the biggest impact on how a space feels, and creating the desired feeling should be at the forefront of your mind when designing any new scheme.

An Autumn inspired palette with it’s rich and warm tones creates a relaxed, cosy atmosphere. Shades have a deep intensity with yellow undertones, from golden hues to ochre, mustard yellows, burnt orange, earthy and burgundy reds, aubergine, soft taupes through to chocolate browns. Choose paints rich in natural pigments to get that earthy feel.

Whilst this may be a look inspired by Autumn, choosing a colour palette is all about finding the right tones for you and regardless of your seasonal inspiration, once you find that perfect palette it can be enjoyed all year round!

L to R: Farrow & Ball - India Yellow, Little Greene - Middle Buff, Paper & Paint Library - Beetlenut, Farrow & Ball - Picture Gallery Red, Farrow & Ball - Preference Red, Atelier Ellis - Brown Betty, Little Greene - Jewel Beetle. See paint samples for precise matching of these beautiful shades!

Autumnal Textures

To compliment an autumnal colour palette, textures are best kept natural and organic to create a layered and tactile feel.Plenty of solid wood with natural grains work beautifully, with vintage pieces and reclaimed wood with its aged patina.

Look for organic linens, vintage leather, suedes and sumptuous velvets, along with metallics such as coppers, bronze and brass. Accessorise with hand woven rugs, earthenware, ceramics and plenty of textiles.

Autumn and Biophilic Design

Biophilic design principles resonate deeply here at Batteson Studio. Essentially biophilic design is about creating spaces that connect us to the natural world. As human beings we have an innate connection to nature, by designing our living and working spaces to connect us with the materials, patterns and forms found in nature brings benefits to our cognitive, physical and psychological well being.

These principles work hand in hand with an autumn inspired scheme with such a focus on raw natural materials and organic shapes.

Seasonal Nods

Perhaps you are just looking to introduce a nod to the season as we turn the corner towards the end of the year by bringing some warmth into your home as the seasons change. Textiles are without a doubt the easiest way to achieve this and will create visual warmth whilst also warming up your toes! Textural throws and blankets are a must, layering up for that cosy indulgent feel. Go for quality natural fibres that you can enjoy year after year, choosing pieces that will compliment the tonal scheme of your room.

Selection of throws and blankets from: Toast, Heals, Designers Guild, The Future Kept, Nordic Nest, Also Home, Piglet in Bed and Wolf & Badger.

As the nights draw in more consideration is given to the lighting in our homes. To be able to change the mood and ambience of a space, particularly living rooms and bedrooms, layered lighting is key. Lamps with warm toned bulbs will provide a softer glow than blue light, ideal for use in the evening, particularly if you have any trouble sleeping.

When it comes to atmospheric lighting, nothing beats the orangey red glow from an open flame. If you have a fire you already know the magic of watching it for hours on end. But candles also provide the most beautiful light and shadows that heavily lean into that cosy autumnal vibe.

This brings us to fragrance. Candles, oils and scented autumnal flowers enhance the senses for a cosy autumn home and are a simple touch that bring a lot of pleasure.

You could also introduce berry laden branches and collections of ornamental gourds for an interesting seasonal display.

Candles, fragrance and holders a

selection from Abigail Ahern & Soho Home.

Just here for the Bloody Mary?

Well if all of that sounds like a little bit too much effort then how about just making yourself a lovely Autumnal Bloody Mary and if you fancy, you can pop Batteson Studio a message to do all the hard work for you.

The Ultimate Bloody Mary

  • Nigella's spiced vodka

  • Big Tom

  • A celery stalk

  • A sprinkling of celery salt

Pour a healthy glug of Nigella's spiced vodka. I cannot recommend making this highly enough! You can find the recipe here.

Top with Big Tom for that extra bit of spice.

Pop in a celery stalk and add a sprinkling of celery salt.


Chloé X

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