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Hello! Welcome to Batteson Studio.

With the launch of Batteson Studio I will be using this space to share my thoughts, tips and inspirations on all things interiors.

With a love for art and textiles, interior design has long been a way for me to bring these creative passions in to the every day, creating homes that are both a place of comfort and of inspiration. Great design plays a vital element in every aspect of our lives and I believe that nowhere is this more important than our homes.

I love to watch and get excited by new trends as much as any designer does. But ultimately I'm a big believer in honing in on individual style and working with pieces that you love to create a unique look that reflects you.

Being particularly obsessed with finding one off vintage pieces many of my favourite items have come from auctions, markets and secondhand shops. Not only does this give a home an individual look that is full of character but it is far better for the environment too. Win win!

If you are anything like me, you will have recognised that your clothes shopping habits have not exactly been sustainable. My obsession with clothes may have single handedly kept Phillip Green (argh) in yachts. But having made every effort to knock my clothes shopping habits on the head, I think with furniture and homewares its even easier. And just like with fashion results in a for more unique look!

I will share some of my favourite places to hunt for such treasures, along with championing amazing sustainable interior and homeware brands.

Join me on my ventures, I hope to provide just a little inspiration to brighten your home and your day.



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