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Yellow Interiors

Why I'm obsessed with yellow interiors and you might be too...

If the title didn’t give it away I have a lot of time for yellow interiors right now. Perhaps yes it is the arrival of Spring and the sea of cheerful daffodils that has me feeling full of sunshine, but yellow feels fun, lighthearted and positive, a colour that makes us feel happy - who wouldn’t want to invite more of that into their lives?!

Yellow is a colour that can bring us joy all year round and I want to share with you some of that cheerful optimism.

Sure we see plenty of mustard tones in interiors, and there is definitely a place for them, but right now I’m feeling the need for a sunnier hue.

Now let me share with you the reasons I am loving yellow interiors right now.

Dopamine Decor

Surely yellow sits firmly in the land of dopamine decor.

If this isn’t a phrase you are familiar with, dopamine decor is about interiors that make us feel good. Supposedly this is an interior design trend, I’d say its my raison d’être! Interiors that express us, make us feel happier. This is not a trend. This is exactly as our homes should be.

Decorating to make a space feel joyful. Yes please… using colour, print and pattern to express our personalities.  Whilst that will look a little different for everyone, if colour is your friend then yellow is well worth considering to either subtly compliment a scheme or to be the main event.

Injecting yellow into an interior design scheme will create a cheerful atmosphere and bring a little radiance!

Dopamine decor is of course a close relation to dopamine dressing -  yes everything really does start on the catwalk. But having a bit more fun and boosting our mood with our clothes and our interiors. Well why not?

Yellow Stripes

Frankly, I think stripes are always a good idea.

If you are nervous of adding pattern then they are a great place to start, with a simple stripe working in a multitude of ways. If you are flirting with the idea of a pattern clash then a stripe can play a vital role.

For a subtle introduction try a yellow ticking stripe as the back panel of a cushion or go for a full on wide stripe to introduce a bolder holiday aesthetic.

A yellow stripe can be paired with many colour options to bring a little bit of joy. 

Yellow Striped Fabrics: Harlequin X Sophie Robinson, Molly Mahon, No 9 Thompson, Schumacher

Sun Drenching

Well ok, I’m talking about colour drenching but when it comes to yellow I think we can call it sun drenching when we are fully immersing a space in one chosen hue.

Yellow can make a surprisingly great backdrop for pieces of art and vintage pieces of furniture. The project pictured uses Farrow & Ball Sudbury Yellow and works brilliantly with Scions rather playful Garden of Eden wallpaper. Yes it does indeed have naked people on the walls, as shrieked by the young resident of the home, but it creates a brilliantly fun guest bedroom that makes the most of the morning sun and brings a smile to every visitors face!

Scheme includes: Scion Garden of Eden Wallpaper, Farrow & Ball Sudbury Yellow and MAtilda Goad


Admittedly my yellow love affair might have started with lemons.

Who doesn’t love a lemon? Lemon motifs, lemon vases - what a perfect way to lift a look. I often myself reaching for a lemon tin the middle of a scheme I’m working on. There aren’t many places it doesn’t add a vibrant pop.

If you want to embrace the look, ceramics are a great place to start or look for lemon inspired fabrics that bring a touch of the Med.

Want to try the look out first - just add a bowl of lemons!

Sunflowers and Daffodils

Oh the humble daffodil, appearing early in the year they are one of the first splashes of colour to remind us of life beyond the depths of winter. I’m sure we have all brought a bunch of daffodils into our home in early spring.

If you are nervous of introducing colour then bringing flowers into your home is a brilliant non committal way to experiment with introducing pops of colour into a space and a great way to play with colour combinations too. 

For full on yellow think sunflowers, daffodils and tulips to bring a touch of the outside in.


Probably the greatest thing about yellow is that it represents sunshine and therefore holidays. From the sun drenched vibes of the Mediterranean to the cheerful beach huts on the Suffolk Coast, yellow inspires me with thoughts of holidays and relaxing in the sun.

The yellow beach huts were taken in Felixstowe, Suffolk in late Summer 23 and are the starting point for a fun scheme full of holiday vibes with this sunshine hue. I’ve fully embraced the yellow stripe here with the yellow striped wallpaper by Bobbi Beck. Or for a subtler take a choice of yellow striped fabrics introduces this seaside stripe.

You can see more of my Suffolk inspired mood boards here.

If you need a little help bringing some joy to your interiors pop me a message below to arrange a chat.

Chloé X


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