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Suffolk Interior Design Inspiration

An idea for an interior design scheme can be sparked by many things, and as an interior designer based on the Suffolk Coast, I have found that Suffolk itself proves to be a never ending source of creative inspiration.

With a ringside seat to the changing seasons and beautiful country and coastal walks all year round, there is no end of visual treats. But it is not just nature that inspires me here in Suffolk. There is such an incredibly array of fabulous foodies, talented artists and creatives and so many wonderful small businesses. It is a truly inspiring place to live and work and I am constantly coming across new and exciting things.  


As I love to take photographs whilst out and about, I thought it might be fun to see some of my favourites used a starting point for an interior scheme.

Check back to see the collection grow, and let me know if you have any favourite Suffolk spots, worthy of a pic or two and their very own interior scheme!

Chloé X

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