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Suffolk Inspired Interiors

Felixstowe Beach Hut

Who doesn’t love a beach hut? And a striped one at that.


The cheerful ‘Sea Cottage’ in Felixstowe is the perfect inspiration for a sunny holiday scheme. Yellow stripes create a playful feel, from a simple striped yellow fabric to a more adventurous wallpaper option. 


A relaxing chair to lounge in and some fun accessories are all you need for beach side fun.


Just don’t forget your sunscreen…. and probably your umbrella!

Felixstowe yellow striped beach hut

Stockists: Dyke & Dean, Normann Copenhagen, Smallable, B&Q, H&M, Bobbi  Beck, Harlequin X Sophie Robinson, No 9 Thompson, Fine Cell Work

More Suffolk Inspired Interiors...

I find inspiration in many places with Suffolk's local landscape, architecture or just daily life finding me reaching for my camera, my inspiration sparked!


These photographs can be a fun starting point for an interior scheme. Click on a photo below to see it's Suffolk inspired moodboard with stockists.

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