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I'm Chloé. An interior designer based in Orford, Woodbridge on the Suffolk Coast.

I offer a range of services across Suffolk, Essex, Norwich and London to suit individual needs and budgets, . From a new colour scheme to refresh a room, detailed floor plans, 2D & 3D drawings through to complete home renovations.


Virtual design services are available across the UK.

Working with me

I work with clients who are looking to create homes that will be enjoyed for many years to come, with a focus on designing spaces that are reflective of those who live there, and are driven by personal style rather than trends.

I love to champion the use of pieces sourced for local makers and crafts people, independent stores and vintage items sourced locally in Woodbridge, Suffolk and across the UK. I also look to purchase directly from ethical companies around the world who directly support the makers, along with brands who focus on outstanding design hand in hand with their environmental and social commitments, such as those certified by the B Corporation. You can read more about my design ethos here.


The Process


Initial Call

All potential projects will start with an initial call with Chloé to understand your project needs and how Batteson Studio can assist you.


Property Visit

Chloé will visit to your property and ask you to complete a design questionnaire to understand the project in more detail.


Design Proposal

A design proposal will be provided with a full brief, deliverables, timelines and costs for your approval.

Would you like to know more about working with Chloé?

Woodbridge Moodboard Workshops

If you would like some input with a new design but are not yet ready to work with a professional interior designer,  Batteson Studio holds occasional moodboard workshops in Woodbridge. An opportunity for you to come along and put together your own colour scheme and look for your interiors. This is a relaxed and enjoyable event that is all about having fun whilst coming away with some new ideas. You will have input from Chloé and each other in a collaborative friendly space.


Batteson Studio's Design Philosophy

Interior design is of course about creating a new look but here at Batteson Studio I strongly believe that we can do so whilst being mindful of the impact of our design choices. Creating environments that reflect us as individuals rather than following the latest trends ensures that a design lasts far longer than any fleeting trend led look.

I am a big advocate of using secondhand items and for choosing quality pieces that are built to last.  Regardless of personal style, a gentle balance of old and new adds depth and character to a space and is an opportunity to give an interior real individuality.

Sustainability goes hand in hand with the principles of biophilic design,  a design practice encouraging connections to nature in our built environments through the use of natural materials, biomorphic shapes found in nature, and nature inspired motifs to name a few. Here at Batteson Studio this is a key consideration with my designs,  with even the subtlest suggestions of nature bringing a sense of warmth and connection to a space.

If you would like to talk more, I'd always love to hear from you. You can drop me a message here.

Chloé X
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