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A note on sustainability...

Batteson Studio is commited to promoting sustainable and ethical ways to decorate and style our homes, environments and workplaces.


Wherever possible we will suggest brands and suppliers who are taking active steps to minimise their environmental impact and have a transparent and ethical supply chain.


At this time we do still include some companies who are not yet at this point and we encourage you to make sure that the pieces that you purchase are for a longterm investment and not throw away, to be replaced next season. Buy quality and buy less.


We must make our do need to be letting these brands & suppliers know that we expect better from them, the louder the voices pushing for improvements the faster we will see this happen.


At Batteson Studio we encourage the use of secondhand and vintage pieces, as well as supporting local makers, many of whom you will find are using reclaimed materials  and are often the forefront of sustainable design. Buying secondhand and small scale locally produced items is is the very best  way that  we can shop.


The throw away culture which we see alarmingly  with the fast fashion industry is just as much of a problem in the interiors, furniture and homewares industry too. We have to be on our guard not to be caught out by greenwashing which is unfortunately prevailant in corporations who are highlighting their supposedly green activites /  credentials whilst contiuing to cause irreprable damage to the environemnt with little concern for the human and environmental cost of their cheap labour..., below a living wagemake far,..


The B Corp TM certification is a great way to identify companies that are putting sustainability first. To meet the and are opting for and who have to meet the highest verified standards of so but there are very few in furniture and homewars who have been certified and it is an expensive and XX process to do so, and will be out of the reach for small independents, many of whom are really paving the way and are.


When you can, take the time to ask the questions if the information is not clear or readily available.


Ultimately it is a learning process for us all, but being aware and making concious choices, whilst continuing to educate ourselves is a positive step that we all can take.

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