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March Highlights

Behind the scenes at Batteson Studio this month...

London Design Week

It was London Design Week this month which I had the fun of visiting with a fellow interior designer friend. After being so busy chatting that we managed to miss our stop or go in the wrong direction more times that I can honestly share with you, we found ourselves at Chelsea Harbour - ready to take in all of the delights of the interiors world. 

It was packed full of inspiration with highlights for me including some incredibly textural rugs and no end of beautiful fabrics.

I was particularly taken with the Dedar upholstered mid-century chair, I am imagining it as something my alter ego might own. She would never have a hair out of place, never spill a drop of red wine and never let the cat snooze on it with muddy feet. She probably also turns her books the wrong way round. Yes I'd probably hate her too...

But I am obsessed with this chair and this beautiful fabric which has to be touched to be believed. I now have a sample of it on my desk patiently waiting for the perfect project and it’s currently getting more attention and admiration of its coat than my very pampered cat.*

If you are the pristine type who can be trusted with such a beauty do get in touch. I promise not to be too envious!

Sowing Seeds

Hurrah it is officially Spring and therefore it's time to sow seeds. Yes I’ve got the first of my salad seeds sown but much more importantly my nasturtiums are in and they are looking good. Being a big fan of an edible flower I think you just cant go wrong with a nasturtium and I am eagerly waiting for mine to start flowering - ready to adorn my cocktails.

If you are new to sowing seeds, or growing your own edible flowers  - nasturtiums are a great place to start. Chiltern Seeds goes so far as to call them idiot-proof!

I highly recommend Ladybird Rose and Black Velvet for particularly beautiful colours. Hang around a few months and I will be sure to share mine with their perfectly coordinated cocktails.


If in doubt - add a stripe. 

I haven’t ever not liked a stripe, but right now I’m liking them more than ever! Having just about managed to wean myself off thermals, I'm frequently finding myself reaching for a stripy top. A striped cuff peeping out from beneath the sleeve of a jumper. Yes please.

They work in exactly the same way in interiors. Such a great way to add just a little bit of interest. If you want to experiment with pattern they are a great place to start - stripes work brilliantly in a pattern clash too.

Have you got any stripes in your home?

Mooching around Selfridges

Years ago I worked a very short walk from Selfridges and would spend many a lunch break strolling around each and every beautiful department.

Thankfully for my bank balance my trips to Selfridges are a little less frequent these days but I still always enjoy a visit - and not only to acquaint myself with a new Mac lipstick or two.

The interiors section feels particularly good at the moment and I love to see the collections they have on display including Ferm Living, Soho Home and Hay. But this time round it was the Kelly Wrestler Serax shot glasses that I was really taken with. Whilst admittedly shots aren’t as much of a feature in my life as they might once have been, these stunning glasses feel like a necessary addition to my wish list as does much of the range.

If you’re passing I recommend a little look. And why not a new lipstick whilst your at it?!

Well those are a few snippets of things I have been enjoying this month.

Till next time!

Chloé X

*I kid - nothing gets more attention than Mimi!


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