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Glasshouse Botanicals

Sparks of inspiration...

Plants are always a huge source of inspiration for me, especially those of the tropical variety. A recent visit to the Barbican Conservatory had me very taken with the truly unique Monstera Albo with it's beautifully mottled, almost paint splattered leaves. It is an absolute one off.

For me the ultimate tropical inspiration (outside of the tropics!) is the jaw dropping Kew Gardens. I'd happily live in the Palm House. Hot and content!

I always find myself drawn to texture and patina which you see so much of in nature but I love to see how it's interpreted in made materials too.

The circular, stitched cut outs, a close up of an artwork at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition '23 make me want to reach out and run my hand over them. Always a good sign! Touch is everything when it comes to creating a layered, tactile environment.

The Zig Zag Velvet Liberty fabric touches on the colour palette with a highly stylised pattern that I adore. I absolutely love the idea of this fabric as an upholstered chair. Surrounded of course by a beautiful plant collection. And don't forget the Monstera Albo!

Chloé X


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