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Leopard Print Carpet & Other Spotty Tails!

What are your thoughts on leopard? Here at Batteson Studio we are firmly in the camp of leopard lovers, and it happily features in our wardrobe and interiors as a cheeky print that feels a little bit rebellious and a whole lot of fun. Sign us up!

A leopard print carpet may sound like a pretty bold move, but of all the animal prints, leopard really does have the most longevity and is a classic that we see interpreted in a multitude of ways by designers. From loose abstracts, vivid prints and figurative animal motifs, there are so many ways that you can introduce it to your home.

"I've never met a leopard print I didn't like" – Diana Vreeland

Leopard is a confident print that signifies power and independence. But whilst if may be considered a strong look, it also works incredibly well in a neutral scheme and gives some depth and interest to a tonal colour way. If you are looking for a little more energy you could work a pattern clash with florals or stripes. It works a treat with a pop of colour such as as pink or a neon yellow or just as well with soft creams and browns. Its ability to work with so many different looks is exactly why 'leopard is a neutral'.

When it comes to choosing your print pay attention to texture, colour ways and details of the pattern. Not all leopard prints are created equally! We would always advise you order samples of any fabric, wallpaper or carpet when purchasing online and this one is an absolute must.

Of course leopard is all about fun so we don't need to play too hard & fast with any rules here! Your leopard may be a little more cheetah or a touch tortoiseshell. So long as it feels good and has a little hint of the wild it sounds good to us.

(Above, left to right) A few favourites : Cole & Son - Leopard Walk, Karl Lagerfeld - Leopard, House of Hackney - Wild Card, Farrow & Ball - Ocelot, Poodle & Blonde - Lonesome George

Five ways to embrace the look

A Leopard Print Carpet

If you are ready to jump in with two feet (or four paws) then a leopard print carpet or stair runner is a fantastically fun way to do so.

A leopard print carpet will work particularly well in a hallway, often one of the darkest and most overlooked areas in our homes. As a space that we tend to just pass through they lend themselves incredibly well to a touch of drama and are the perfect place to create a bold first impression. A stair runner is always chic and will create a perfect spot for an impromptu photoshoot should you be so inclined!

If you are wanting to go bigger then a leopard print carpet in your living room or bedroom is the ideal space, depending on your personal aesthetic you can keep the rest of the scheme fairly pared back with a muted understated palette and the carpet the hero piece of the room, or if you are a full on maximalist you can dial it up to you hearts content! Your home should always be a reflection of you so don't be afraid to go in the direction that's right for you.

If you need some help in finding that direction you can always book a colour consultation with Batteson Studio to help you on your way.

Tortoiseshell Glass

Whilst this isn't a leopard print it certainly conjures up the vibe and is a super easy to introduce in to a scheme. You will find great pieces both old and new, check charity shops and local and online auctions. For new pieces look at Abigail Ahern or Amara for some lovely glasses you could use for either drinks or as votives with a candle.

A Feline Friend

Keep your eyes peeled for a porcelain leopard, cheetah or tiger. These add a little quirk to your home and in our humble opinion fit in even the most unexpected of places.

This beauty was found on Vinterior (and is currently still available here, although not a bargain buy) and my very own lovely cheetah / leopard friend was found at Yoxford Antique Centre.

Etsy & Ebay are a good place to start.


Textiles are often the most accessible way to introduce a look to you home and leopard cushions, throws or rugs are a great place to start. Go for good quality and adaptable pieces that you can use in different spaces for many years to come.

A hero piece like Matthew Williamson's Leopard Love is a fine example of this, it’s an investment piece that can be used in a variety of different rooms and will bring real personality as is Abigail Ahern's Brockton Velvet armchair. Both are real statement pieces that are incredibly adaptable in a number of different schemes.

A Hidden Surprise

Maybe this is a print that you love but you just don't feel ready to go all in just yet (or share your home with someone who really isn't on board). A great way to introduce some little pops of purrrsonality (sorry) is to look at lining shelves, drawers or cupboards with a bold print. It is always nice to have some little hidden elements that take you by surprise and leopard lends itself really well to this.

With so many lovely leopard print wallpapers on the market there are plenty of great options and as you will only need a roll it makes it a more affordable way to indulge in some truly beautiful designs.

So do you feel ready to take the plunge?

Or perhaps you favour another animal print? My sister is all about zebra and has taken this from her stairs to her footwear and beyond. If I could I would share photos of her very own impromptu photoshoot on her stairs but I would never be forgiven so you will have to take my word for it (and have a picture of me and my little leopard instead!).

If you want some helping adding a pop of print in to your home then you know where to find me... and if you don't it's HERE.



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