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The Joy of Reupholstery

For me, the love affair really started with the arrival of a perfect little rectangular sample of Trixie Amber, Temperley London x Romo’s incredibly indulgent leopard relief velvet.

Whilst I’ve long been a fan of reupholstering, this time it was personal.

If you happen to have seen me scurrying around the Suffolk Coast in the winter months you would know I’m quite the fan of a leopard print, and this fabric with its sumptuous feel and velvety spots were what my leopard dreams were made of.

I just happened to be off to the upholsters that morning to pick up a finished piece for a client, so I just had to take along this piece of beauty. Of course, Jo, my lovely upholsterer already had the book and whilst she seemed to be a little less smitten with the leopard (I get it - it’s a marmite print) she was happy to indulge my excitement.

It was very sadly after this that a death in the family and the subsequent sorting of her home presented the most perfect piece, so clearly destined for this fabulous fabric.

It really was this special little chair that made me truly appreciate quite how joyful having a piece reupholstered could be.

A treasured family piece, the fabric of your dreams. This is what our interiors should be made of.

Telling A Story

Here at Batteson Studio I am a strong believer in creating homes that tell the stories of the people who live in them.

Our homes are the perfect place to showcase who we are, our personalities and the lives that we have led. There are so many ways that we can do so but without a doubt having a special piece of furniture reupholstered in a beautiful fabric that you love is a real favourite.

Not only do you create your very own piece of custom furniture but it is also an opportunity to extend the life of a piece you already own or a vintage or secondhand piece that you have found along the way.

One of the things I love most about collecting vintage pieces is that feeling of a serendipitous one off. Although a secondhand piece of furniture probably won't be the only one ever made, by the time it crosses your path it will have taken on its very own character, perhaps with a repair or restoration and its own unique patina.

But to truly make it a one off piece… enter the joys of reupholstering!

Reupholstery might not be the first thing you think of if you are considering a new piece of furniture but it is well worth considering if you are looking for an armchair, small sofa or any other type of upholstered chair.

There are three elements to a good upholstery project.

First up you will of course need a good piece of furniture, an armchair is a brilliant place to start as there aren’t many places you can’t pop one and they lend themselves well to being a great statement piece. They are also a pretty handy place to sit down of course!

If you have an armchair in mind then great. But if you are looking for something secondhand then it will be helpful to consider your preference of shape, style and measurements when searching. Online is always worth a look but ideally you want to see something in real life, so check out your local secondhand and vintage stores which always tend to have the best finds.

Whilst you might have a very clear idea on exactly what you are looking for, keep an open mind to see what you come across. The beauty of second hand shopping is that it throws up all sorts of surprises!

Next Up is Fabric. This is where it gets really exciting because honestly the opportunities are endless. The only golden rule is to make sure you choose a fabric specifically for upholstery to ensure it is up to the job.

Apart from that, this is your opportunity to run wild, with colour, pattern, texture and scale. Whilst you want the fabric to work within the scheme of your intended space it could be a great opportunity to introduce a pop of colour or a bold print and to have some fun with trimmings!

If this feels overwhelming, I’m here to help! My colour consultation will pull together a scheme for your chosen project and give you some beautiful fabric options so you feel confident in taking the next step with your project.

When it coms to fabric styles don’t be afraid to mix things up, think about bringing a contemporary twist to an older piece. A bold print, unexpected stripe, colour or texture can completely transform a piece.

This is an opportunity to embrace a fabric that you really love and to really bring some personality into your space.

With so many incredible upholstery fabrics on the market your choices really are endless. As always when choosing any fabrics, or materials for your home - be sure to see a sample before you commit to see how they look and feel in real life in your space.

Finally you need a good upholsterer. Whilst some small jobs would make a fun project, such as a removable seat pad of a stool or dining chair, for a quality finish I would always recommend that you have a professional carry out the job. If you are investing in quality fabric you want to ensure the best possible finish and you can also ensure any necessary repairs are carried out.

Then you can sit back and wait for the arrival of your beautiful new piece.

However I do warm you, having something reupholstered is a little bit addictive as it is just so exciting to see it when it comes back

And if that wasn’t all exciting enough, its likely there will be some off cuts. Even the smallest of fabric scraps find their way into my fabric stash and if you are fairly handy with a needle and thread - just think what you could make.

Yes, not only did the Trixie Amber make a fabulous little chair, but I also knocked up a handy little clutch bag with the leftovers…

With love and leopard spots.

Chloé X


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