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Autumnal Homes: 3 Ways To Create Your Autumn Sanctuary. And One Way Not to...

Don’t tell the other seasons, but Autumn is my very favourite.

It's obviously the best fashion of the year, yes hello you lovely boots, coats and hats. It’s time for trampling through crunchy leaves, for reading in front of a toasty fire, for enjoying a Bloody Mary or two and for leaning into my 85 year old alter ego and getting out the knitting. Bliss!

If you’re not yet feeling quite so optimistic about the changing seasons, then how about creating a deliciously cosy autumnal home that I promise will make it all feel a bit more welcome.

Creating An Autumnal Home

An autumnal home is all about celebrating everyday indulgences. Elevating your space with simple pleasures that make it feel more inviting than ever. You won’t want to leave the house!

Just like fashion, when it comes to transitioning through the seasons, layering is your friend. It’s all about adding those details that take you from perfectly adequate to downright delicious. Like a cosy hug in a big woolly jumper if you will.

Those details are all about lighting, texture and embracing the changing colour palette of the natural world. Autumn has such a feeling of richness, colours are deeper, there is an aged beauty and first hints of decay which frankly I find beautiful.

Autumnal Textures

One of my favourite things to play with when it comes to designing beautiful interiors is texture. Creating contrasts with your finishes and materials makes a space feel interesting, especially if you like to keep to a minimal colour palette.

With temperatures dropping we all want to be warm and cosy, so it makes sense to hide under layers of throws and blankets. Not only do they keep our toes warm, but introducing layers of textiles into your home, particularly in spaces where you want to relax, softens the edges and adds a visual warmth to the space.

The perfect textures and materials to compliment the look are best kept natural and organic to create that layered tactile feel. This is an opportunity to embrace that ‘more is more’ aesthetic. Throws and blankets are a must, layering up for that cosy indulgent feel. Go for quality natural fibres to enjoy year after year, choosing pieces that will compliment the tonal scheme of your room.

Swapping the textiles can completely transform the feel of a room and richer deeper shades will lend themselves to an Autumn / Winter vibe. I would always suggest finding pieces that you truly love and taking pleasure in bringing them out year after year, far better than looking at them as throw away items that can be replaced each season.

Here at Batteson Studio I am a big fan of incorporating natural materials into homes to give that connection to nature. Never is that more important than in the cooler months when we are spending less time outside. Solid wood with it’s natural grain works beautifully, particularly reclaimed wood with an aged patina it’s a perfect compliment to soft and indulgent fabrics.

Atmospheric Lighting

Lets face it, once the clocks change we need all the help we can get when it comes to lighting.

Being able to change the mood and ambience of a space, particularly living rooms and bedrooms should always be a top priority with your decorating plans. Layered lighting is key, lamps with warm toned bulbs will provide a softer glow than blue light, ideal for use in the evening before going to bed, particularly if you have trouble sleeping.

When it comes to atmospheric lighting, surely nothing beats the orangey red glow from an open flame. I’m sure we can agree that we all look better by candlelight! If you have a fire you already know the magic of watching it for hours on end. But candles can also provide beautiful light and shadows that lean heavily into that cosy autumnal vibe.

Your best bet is natural candles made with essential oils, but I must admit that I am an absolute sucker for The White Company’s Winter Candle. Scented oils and candles are a simple touch that brings a lot of pleasure.

I’m a massive fan of a twinkly string light too, I think they can be used liberally once the nights are draw in. If you look out on a dark garden, particularly with large bifold doors, think about putting outdoor lights on a timer to enjoy for a few hours whilst you are using the space.

Layer your lights with abandon, wall lights, pendants, moveable lamps, string lights and candles. Your option are endless.

Candles, fragrance and holders a

selection from Abigail Ahern & Soho Home.

L to R: Farrow & Ball - India Yellow, Little Greene - Middle Buff, Paper & Paint Library - Beetlenut, Farrow & Ball - Picture Gallery Red, Farrow & Ball - Preference Red, Atelier Ellis - Brown Betty, Little Greene - Jewel Beetle. See paint samples for precise matching of these beautiful shades!

Autumnal Colour Palettes

Colour is an integral part of creating a mood and its one of the simplest ways to transform the feel of a space. I’m definitely not suggesting you redecorate every season but it is worth considering the colours you bring into your home at this point in the year and how they make you feel?

An autumn palette is full of shades with a deep intensity and yellow undertones, from golden hues to ochre, mustard yellows, burnt orange, earthy and burgundy reds, aubergine, soft taupes through to chocolate browns.

Look at bringing in Autumnal colours with collections from your garden and from nature. Branches, leaves, acorns and conkers can introduce the palette to your home and also provide that vital connection to nature. Think berry laden branches and collections of ornamental gourds for the very best seasonal displays.

If you are a real autumn lover like me you will likely find yourself drawn to this palette. These colours create a relaxed atmosphere and an earthy feel. Whilst this may be a look inspired by Autumn, choosing a colour palette is all about finding the right tones for you and regardless of your seasonal inspiration, once you find that perfect palette it can be enjoyed all year round. Choose paints rich in natural pigments to get that real depth of colour.

If you need help bringing together a colour scheme for your home find out more about my colour consultation here.

Halloween Horrors

Before I sound like a terrible scrooge let me be clear that I love a bit of seasonal decorating, putting up the Christmas decorations is truly one of the highlights of my year. I also love to throw a Halloween party and I’ve been known to get very carried away with doing so in the past - pineapple lanterns anyone?

However the Halloween plastic excess in the shops right now is downright depressing. Whilst its obviously just another opportunity to make us spend money on crap we don’t really need or want, it can be easy to get sucked into, especially if you have children.

When I was a child (yes I'm definitely embracing my alter ego right now!) Halloween was white sheets with holes for eyes, first forays with black eyeliner and bobbing for apples. Oh and sweets, obviously lots and lots of sweets. I’m not suggesting we take that away from anyone.

If you love Halloween and want to go all in on your decorating think about collecting pieces that you can safely store and use year after year, much like a treasured Christmas collection. There are also lots more paper garland type decorations available, a much better alternative. Of course the number one Halloween decorating requirement is just a good old pumpkin which is 100% biodegradable and you can even make soup! Although lets face it I don’t think anybody actually does…

My vote is for a collection of beautiful gourds and they don’t even need to be carved, just pile them high! I’m also a fan of a little pumpkin carving, but it is has to be a cat…

Rant over! Happy Halloween!

Just fancy a Bloody Mary?

Well if all of this sounds like a bit too much effort then how about just making yourself a seasonal Bloody Mary?

You can find my recipe for my ultimate Bloody Mary here.

If you need any help with your home, and how to make the most of your space all year round then how about booking a home consultation? An hour for you to pick my brains with your decorating dilemmas to help you on your way. Find out more here.

Chloé X

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badreddine meherzi
badreddine meherzi
Oct 27, 2023

Beautiful and smooth transition into the heart of the automn season not my favorite though but these setups helps a lot to enjoy it a way better.

Thanks Chloé !

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